Postmodernism in Literature (ELIT 417) Ders Detayları

Ders Adı: Postmodernism in Literature
Kod: ELIT 417
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İçerik: This course will explore ways in which writers of twentieth-century British and Irish fiction have sought to “make it new,” focusing on modes of innovation and experimentation that are the hallmarks of modernist as well as postmodernist British fiction. We will study the experimental, avant-garde impulse that manifests itself in the themes and techniques of key twentieth-century texts, relating that impulse to questions about the nature of identity, the role of gender and class in constituting the modernist and postmodernist subject, the limits of knowledge, and the socio-cultural functions of literature itself. We will also consider counter-trends—currents of traditionalism that coincide with, and help throw into relief, the impulse to innovate.
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